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Reality TV viewing & narcissism

Reality TV viewing & narcissism

This post from Medscape discusses a recent study that purports to show a link between narcissistic traits and viewing certain kinds of reality TV programs. While causality, as such, is not addressed by the study and actually statistical significance is lacking, the general observation is that the relationship between the activity and the trait(s) may be a sign of re-norming. There is no question that media consumption influences such norm-resident factors as attitude development and belief systems. Still, the unsolved question here is: Do people tending to have these traits self-select for viewing this type of content, or does viewing this type of content influence trait formation?

Is background music a form of multitasking?

Is background music a form of multitasking?

I have long been opposed to the concept of multitasking on the grounds that it inhibits cognitive focus and productivity. The research generally supports this view. But what about background music? Well, this excellent article summarizes several research threads that find both positive and negative effects that depend both on the type of music being played and the task itself. Does this match up with your own experience?

One-man brass band

One-man brass band

Media and the mind make a very interesting connection in this video piece. I watch in awe and wonder how this gentleman’s brain is wired, that he is able to do what he does. Watch for yourself. Comments appreciated.

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