The items I post on this blog site have to do with the remarkably complex world of media and how it influences people and how people influence the media. I go off on all kinds of vectors, ranging from observations about the entertainment industry to developments in neuro-economics, from considerations of biased coverage to discussions of how media can help the human condition. I’m an online professor of business administration and occasional freelance consultant. My doctorate is in Media Psychology from Fielding Graduate University, the first doctoral program in that field. I’m always open to new conversations and research-based discussions. I welcome your comments and feedback.

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  • nur akhtar ab rasab

    I’m from Putrajaya,Malaysia. I’d like to ask to if you could possible be coming here to give a talk regarding topics of media psychology in November 2013.The talk will be held in 2 session, which will cover 2 hours for each session. If you can make it, how much i have to pay you per hour? and for your info,I’ll cover your acommodation during your stay here and your flight tickets. Thank you for your consideration.

    Nur Akhtar.

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