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Kareem Shoots and Scores!

Kareem Abdul Jabbar writes a regular column for The Hollywood Reporter and in its June 17th issue, he addresses the ongoing discussion surrounding works of art and their cultural baggage. He notes that “Most adults have been brought up on an unhealthy diet of movies and TV shows that are racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and xenophobic….It’s disturbing to me that many of the films and TV shows I loved as a child now make me wince with embarrassment.” He describes specific examples that include John Wayne movie roles and Beatles’ lyrics and then rhetorically asks, “Should we ban John Wayne and The Beatles? No….What we need is a way to present art in its historical context so the works can still be available and appreciated for their achievements but not admired for their cultural failings. The easiest way would be to include an introductory explanation—filmed or written—that explains that the work contains harmful racial or gender stereotypes that were acceptable at the time but which we now know are harmful. Links to further discussions and information also could be provided.”

The master of the “skyhook” scores game-winning points with this column and while the article itself may not be accessible to non-subscribers, readers can access a video clip on THR’s website that incorporates elements from Abdul Jabbar’s column in its coverage of HBO’s decision to temporarily pull Gone with the Wind. I would encourage readers to view it:

An Old Medium Is New Again

I’ve designed more than my share of direct mail pieces over the years. Some years back I did one for Philips Publishing that ended up being mailed over 20 million times and served as their “control” for several years.

But it seems that now direct mail is “old hat,” if not prehistoric. Right?

Not so fast, sports fans. Adweek has just published a piece (advertorial perhaps?) by Christopher Karpenko, Executive Director, Brand Marketing, for the United States Postal Service. Granted, he has an obvious agenda—pushing the use of the U.S. Mail. Nonetheless, he points out that combining direct mail with contemporary digital media tools can make a lot of sense. Check it out:


Virtual Reality Game Relieves Stress

The Wall Street Journal has published an article reporting on the use of a virtual reality game being used to help people manage stress. Because WSJ is behind a paywall, I can’t give you a direct link but the Journal does allow me to upload the piece to my Facebook page, so here is the link. Let me know what you think!

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