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Direct Mail is Still a Viable Medium

Adweek has published a nice little article about how Panda Express used direct mail to bring about a BIG increase in sales at outlets that lacked a drive-through window during the pandemic. Although Panda Express had not been using direct mail in its media mix for some time, it pivoted back to DM for this situation and it proved very successful, driving people to online ordering including home delivery with offer redemption rates as high as 33%!

Author Weiss reports, “Panda Express’s online business from the direct mail campaign was up 20% versus its national digital sales, which is about 10%.”

Here’s the link:

How Panda Express Reversed a Sales Slump With Direct Mail:

Rush to Judgment on Facebook?

The “exposé” on Facebook and supposed negative consequences for female teens who use it have certainly resulted in a firestorm of media coverage and now Congressional inquiry. The “studies” that are referenced by the Wall Street Journal in its series of articles seem quite damning and they have put Facebook into a seemingly indefensible position.

So, one thing to consider is the quality of those studies. And it turns out that not only is the quality quite poor but other observations suggest that they are in no way reproducible to any country outside the U.S.A. Regular readers of my blog know that I am no fan of Facebook’s business model.

Nonetheless, in the interest of the pursuit of facts, I would urge you to read this op ed from Dr. Chris Ferguson that appears in the Orlando Sentinel.

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