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Creativity can mean less of something

This video was brought to my attention by one of my colleagues. It’s about a group of entertainers who call themselves “Shadowland” for what you will see are very obvious reasons. In a world where it seems we obsess about more of everything, this wonderful group shows us that two dimensions can be more creative than three, that black and white can be more moving than color. Enjoy:

Is Wheat Thins crazy?

Some of my colleagues have taken offense at a new commercial for Wheat Thins, saying that it typifies an insensitive and unhealthy attitude toward mentally ill persons. Take a look and let me know what you think:

Are cars a media form?

I’d never thought of the automobile as a media form before, but this article in the NY Times caught my eye:

It’s all about how the car makers are worried that today’s young people are waiting longer than ever to get driver’s licenses and that the automobile as the ├╝ber-icon of independence is being replaced by the smart phone and the tablet. The car as social glue is giving way to the online revolution. The article notes, “The shift in attitudes is being spurred by technology, in that many younger consumers are more interested in the newest smartphone or tablet than in the newest sedan or T-top.”

So I guess the car was a form of social media before we had social media. Looked at this way, it makes perfect sense!

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