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Multitasking and Memory

I have posted several times in this blog about the downsides of multitasking and now here is one more: It seems that engaging with multiple media platforms at the same time may diminish one’s ability to remember things. This article in Scientific American cites a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature.

“The research suggests that ‘media multitasking’—or engaging with multiple forms of digital or screen-based media simultaneously, whether they are television, texting or Instagram—may impair attention in young adults, worsening their ability to later recall specific situations or experiences.”

Younger Millennials and all Gen Z’ers should take note. Here’s the link:

Screen Time v. Bed Time

Today’s Wall Street Journal provides a nice summary of some recent research about screen time. The gist is that what is on the screen is more important than the screen being on or not.

For parents with school-age children, there is sound advice for how to manage screen viewing for their youngsters, particularly for households that are now impacted by the stay-at-home mandates imposed by pandemic responses.

Here’s the link:

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