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Apple Bullies Pear

CreativeBloq has published a story this morning about tech-media mega-firm Apple claiming that itty bitty startup Pear has infringed on its logo! Really?

After praising Apple for its stance on privacy and user-control in my last post, I am now compelled to berate the company for its over-zealous pursuit of a claim that I see as utterly lacking any merit whatsoever. Does this logo look to you like it resembles Apple’s?

Original Pear logo

Had this gone to court, I don’t see how any jury relying on the “reasonable person” standard could claim this might confuse people and think they are seeing Apple. But of course, common sense and the legal field are hardly related to each other. And legal fees would probably have bankrupted the newcomer, so they made a small change that satisfied the Apple legal eagles:

Revised Pear logo

I think Tim Cook should be ashamed. My estimation of the company was so high for decades, from the time I bought my first Mac SE right up to my prior post. But that warm and fuzzy feeling has dissipated. Apple is just another mega-maniacal corporate behemoth seeking to crush anything it considers to be in its way.

This is one media firm that is no longer top of mind for me.

Here’s the URL to the CreativeBloq story:

Tim Cook and Apple vs. the Data-Industrial Complex

You may have heard that Tim Cook has announced changes soon to come in how Apple’s systems will deal with privacy issues and that Facebook is pretty angry about it. Here’s a link to an interview by GQ magazine in which Cook talks about what he terms the “Data-Industrial Complex” (shades of President Dwight Eisenhower’s warning in the 1950s about the Military-Industrial Complex”) and why Apple is working to give people the power to opt in or opt out of being tracked. I say, score one for the good guys!

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