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Samsung Fails the Digital Media Test

You would probably think that a big-time tech company like Samsung would have its act together in the digital arena, wouldn’t you? I certainly thought so.

But lo and behold, my 8-month-old Samsung 43″ HDTV has had its HDMI 2 and HDMI 3 ports go south; 2 went about 5 weeks ago, so I switched my FireStick to 3; then 3 went out last week.

Customer service? Nope. Call their toll-free number to speak to someone and your only option is to go online. Go online and start a chat and the first attempt ends with the bot not recognizing what I am saying and thinking my problem has to do with using a soundbar. Huh? So, I end that chat and start a new one. The new chat session starts out pretty well with the stock replies but after I describe my particular problem and give the bot my name and email, it tells me, “We are notifying top Samsung experts. It usually takes 1-2 minutes.”

From 4: 20 pm to 5:05 pm, NOTHING. Samsung fails the digital media test miserably. I wish Apple made actual TV sets. I will never buy another Samsung product again.

Liberalism vs. Cancel Culture

The word “liberal” has various meanings at various times. What does it mean today? For some, it seems to mean that saying the right thing to support a particular cause is right and just and not being 100% on-board with that is “illiberal” and worthy of the harshest criticism and opprobrium. Such thinking holds that speech is only free if it’s correct. Today’s “mainstream media” seems to be institutionalizing this point of view. Objective reporting has given way to “taking a stand.”

But it seems some avowed liberals are not willing to go along with this disturbing trend. Perhaps, there is hope for the first amendment yet.

Liberals Feel Sting of “Cancel Culture”


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