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Sex and Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s ads

Carl’s Jr. spots have been using sexy females to draw attention to their offerings for a number of years now. Here’s a link to an Ad Age article that discusses one of the company’s latest ads:

If that’s too long for you, try this Tinyurl instead:

The article reports independent research that seems to imply that this kind of advertising is not viewed very favorably by a lot of people. No doubt that is true. But it’s also completely beside the point.

If you don’t like the ad, realize that the ad is not aimed at YOU! It’s aimed at the kind of people who like that kind of advertising: Young, testosterone-enriched, girl-crazy males. Guys who like BIG burgers! Preferably real ones, not cereal-added, not turkey-based, not calorie-reduced. Nice, wet, juicy burgers. That’s the ticket! Crude? Of course. But satisfying.

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