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Die, Twin Peaks, Die!

The worst TV series I’ve ever watched is now over. The two-part finale that aired this past Sunday epitomized all the poorly conceived ideas and brainless writing that have manifested all season long. Undecipherable plot threads, ambiguous dialog, horrible special effects, wasted acting talent, the list goes on.

The exercise is now over, thankfully. And if anyone ever pulls the trigger on another season of this swill, they should be encouraged to make a career change to cleaning toilets.

I watched to the bitter end out of a sense of fascination and the duty to watch the whole thing before rendering a final critique. Now, my masochistic streak has been satisfied for the next 20 years or so. It was a terrible show. May such never happen again.

Mr. Lynch has hung himself with this expensive travesty. Showtime should be ashamed.

More about Online Ads

Well, since my rant about Time magazine, the problem has gone away!

Now there’s a new problem from some outfit called “Ads by MapsScout” and I hate these people with a full, rich hatred. It seems every time I open a new tab I get a pop-up ad in the lower right corner with a timer that starts at 10 seconds and must run down to 0 before an “X” appears that lets me shut the damned ad off.

A pox on these people and any company that employs their services.

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