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How Interactive Media Can Scramble Your Brain

How Interactive Media Can Scramble Your Brain

This link takes you to an article from “Strategy + Business” about the mental hazards of multimedia. The article references research by one of my most influential scholars, Stanford’s Clifford Nass. This a good and insightful read. Enjoy.

Christopher Walken’s silent side

Christopher Walken’s silent side

This link will take you to a series of spots for a clothing company in which Walken portrays a kind of magical-mystical tailor-designer. There are cgi effects to account for his super powers. A most remarkable features of these commercials is that Walken speaks not one word of dialog! The psychological impact of not using what is arguably one of the most distinctive voices in the TV-film acting world creates a special kind of weirdness that true Walken fans (like myself) can only marvel at.

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