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Longhand note taking is best!

Longhand note taking is best!

So, it turns out that using a laptop or tablet is NOT such a good substitute for old-fashioned longhand note-taking because you no longer “process” the content!

How Interactive Media Can Scramble Your Brain

How Interactive Media Can Scramble Your Brain

This link takes you to an article from “Strategy + Business” about the mental hazards of multimedia. The article references research by one of my most influential scholars, Stanford’s Clifford Nass. This a good and insightful read. Enjoy.

Is background music a form of multitasking?

Is background music a form of multitasking?

I have long been opposed to the concept of multitasking on the grounds that it inhibits cognitive focus and productivity. The research generally supports this view. But what about background music? Well, this excellent article summarizes several research threads that find both positive and negative effects that depend both on the type of music being played and the task itself. Does this match up with your own experience?

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