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Great Billboards

Here it is the last day of the month and I have not posted anything so far in April. Well, I refuse to let a month go by without posting something of interest that has piqued my interest in media and I hope in yours as well.

Usually, I have an article that’s come to me by way of one of my many email and RSS feeds, an article that is almost always about what we call “new media.” Today, however, I am posting a link to 30+ terrific billboards. As you may know, billboard advertising dates back to at least the last days of Pompeii. When archeologists excavated the city out from under its ashen blanket, one of the things they discovered was the presence of advertising on building walls exhorting passersby to visit such-and-such inn or bathhouse. Billboards are about as traditional and old-timey a medium as there is.

But at the same time, as these examples prove, they also can be as fresh and creative and noteworthy as any contemporary Super Bowl spot.





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