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Looks count more than sound for musical performance preferences

An email newsletter I subscribe to about the music business notes, “The way a musician looks on stage is more important to listeners than the music being played, according to a study just released.  That is, even though most music fans swear that they are evaluating the music based on the music itself, and little else.” The news cites a study from Dr. Chia-Jung Tsay, a professor at the University College, London, that is part of the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The piece can be downloaded free from the Academy website at this URL:

Elmore Leonard passes and I am at a loss


He was 87, which isn’t bad. Might have gone longer if he hadn’t kept smoking, but no real way to know that. I regret that I discovered him fairly late in life, in my early 50s. I loved everything of his I ever read, from the westerns to the crime stuff. He was a real master of dialog. He wrote characters that sounded true to life. They were all shades of gray, not a full black or white in the whole parade. If you never experienced him, I’d suggest Rum Punch for openers. And of course the books with Raylen Givens in them, starting with the short, Fire in the Hole. “Justified” is a wonderful series, and I only hope the producers will stay true to the course they have set when “Dutch” was around to lend a guiding word now and then. God bless Elmore.

Teens and Facebook

Teens and Facebook

Recently there was an online posting from a 13-year-old who was saying that neither she nor any of her friends used Facebook. It was an interesting read and connected to a recent Pew study on social media use. Now a 15-year-old teen has responded, and I have to say that this is one of the most precocious, articulate, and aware 15-year-olds around. Read her post at Mashable; it’s a real eye-opener!

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