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Longhand note taking is best!

Longhand note taking is best!

So, it turns out that using a laptop or tablet is NOT such a good substitute for old-fashioned longhand note-taking because you no longer “process” the content!

Gold Lion commercial at Cannes

Gold Lion commercial at Cannes

This video is about one of the most innovative marketing approaches I have ever seen, in terms of marketing to poor people (who, after all, outnumber the rest of us by quite a bit). Have a look and tell me if you don’t think is one of the greatest ideas in many a year! Clearly, this is a case where human behavior and media have intersected in a very positive way.

One-man brass band

One-man brass band

Media and the mind make a very interesting connection in this Wimp.com video piece. I watch in awe and wonder how this gentleman’s brain is wired, that he is able to do what he does. Watch for yourself. Comments appreciated.

From Blair Witch to Hunger Games–Social Media Power!

From Blair Witch to Hunger Games–Social Media Power!

This article describes the remarkable success of social media in creating blockbuster hit movies. Some, like “The Dark Knight” or “Hunger Games,” were expected to do well. Others, like “Blair Witch Project” and “Gone in Sixty Seconds,” not so much. Read and enjoy!

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