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Kids, Gadgets & ADHD

Kids, Gadgets & ADHD

This article (courtesy of Mashable) discusses several different views about the rise in ADHD diagnosis and offers what I think is a very nuanced view of the situation, crediting both pro and con views on the efficacy and effects of the gadgets our kids are using these days. Be sure to view the video clips as well. 

Digital Dementia

Digital Dementia

This is a very scary article about recent South Korean research. Here is the opening sentence of the article: “Doctors in South Korea are reporting a surge in ‘digital dementia’ among young people who have become so reliant on electronic devices that they can no longer remember everyday details like their phone numbers.” Go read it and I’d be interested in any feedback you’d like to share!

Do new media know your mind?

This YouTube video link was sent to me by an old and dear friend. It’s an unusual way to look at the relationship between our minds and the new media, which is why I like it so much. See what you think: http://www.youtube.com/embed/F7pYHN9iC9I?rel=0

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