Preschoolers are more comfortable with technology

According to a recent study ( preschoolers do better than college students at figuring out how to use gadgets. It seems they have not yet had their natural creativity blunted by conformity imposed by all the usual suspects. The psychology of learning is a core part of the psychology of media use and influence, and I would argue that the more creative one is, the less one is likely to be unduly influenced by mediated messages. What do you think?

Neuromarketing Makes News

Marketers Use Neuroscience in Package Design to Influence Consumers Subconsciously | Adweek

Adweek has just run an article about neuromarketing and using symbolism in emotion-evoking ways as a packaging tool. It’s a good read.

Longhand note taking is best!

Longhand note taking is best!

So, it turns out that using a laptop or tablet is NOT such a good substitute for old-fashioned longhand note-taking because you no longer “process” the content!

Crazy ads for Burger King

Crazy ads for Burger King

Here are two :15s and a :30 from Burger King down under. They’re not the sort of thing you’ll see in the USA, and one wonders about the cultural differences between the Anzus chaps and ourselves. What say you?

What’s the message here?

What’s the message here?.

What’s the message here?

What’s the message here?

This Procter & Gamble commercial purports to celebrate moms, showing how they nurture us from infancy to achieve greatness. But it seems to me that these three vignettes are more about the kids being coerced (however gently) into the pursuit of parental aspirations, rather than being allowed to discover their own. Have a look at the spot. Am I off base here? What do you think?

Apple’s new ad

Apple’s new ad

Poetry is the theme for Apple’s newest commercial for its iPad Air. I’ve never been much of a poetry fan, but I find this ad does a good job of showing iPad capabilities. Still, is it a bit on the pretentious side? What do you think?


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